M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker

M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker is Mechatron’s new model within its “beetle” product series. It is built with the same rigid enforcement, strength, and advanced hydraulic motion as the other products of that series but has the technological advantage to increase energy yield up to 40 percent. That’s because the M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker has superior accuracy in locating the position of the sun programmed with an astronomical algorithm both azimuthally (around its horizontal axis) and elevationally (around its vertical axis). The M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker meets market requirements in the post-feed-in-tariff era.

The design of the M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker structure is inspired by the beetle’s exoskeleton, known for its superior strength to weight ratio. The structure is a combination of an elliptical tube design (similar to the wing of a wind turbine) and a simple lattice structure, which holds the PV panels. The elliptical tube provides superior rigid enforcement and strength while the lattice structure transfers the structural load safely. This also makes for higher structural rigidity, better panel alignment and longer life. A patented zero-backlash drive mechanism allows for smooth movement and operation. Its continuous slip capability under strong winds keeps the drive mechanism extremely robust and capable of surviving even hurricane conditions.

The installation of M18kD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker is quick and easy with the highest degree of standardization (plug & play). All work takes place on location, no need to hire experts. The photovoltaic panels are clipped on purlins with the mechgrip™ clamp, which is Mechatron Solar’s exclusive design providing anti-theft protection. Each system operates independently and undergoes extensive testing prior to delivery to ensure conformity to Mechatron’s operating specifications.

has been designed keeping in mind the optimization of the logistics and parts that go into it so that the installation and maintenance are easy and the transport costs kept to a minimum.

Dual axis tracking system A rectangular geometry frame with available surface of 150-170m2 PV modules per unit up to 26kW 340° of azimuthal motion range 0-60° elevation motion range for frame Foundation on an over-ground gravitational base with pile or pole mounting Solution of an astronomical algorithm for tracking the sun’s position
Automatic horizontal frame levelling in extreme weather conditions and during power cuts Protection of electronic systems through surge protection devices at all input-output points
Systems designed according to Eurocode 3 Hot-dip galvanized steel elements

Autonomous control unit Full monitoring in real time through telemetry Wind speed sensor

Compatibility with all photovoltaic module types Photovoltaic panels are placed and secured with the use of the special Mechgrip TM clamp Inherent anti-theft protection

Zero backlash Overload protection No wear and tear parts No precision parts

“Astronomical” Performance.

The tracking system motion of the M18KD Gearless Dual-Axis Tracker is based on the accuracy of the astronomical algorithm. This makes for maximum solar radiation intake even when it is cloudy, better quality and up to 40% greater energy production, ensuring greater benefit per unit of installed capacity in comparison to conventional systems.